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Ford Paint Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the paint codes for my car?

A paint code is used to match your color of paint. All Fords have a paint code. Once you know where to look the code should be easy to find. You will need this to order Ford touch up paint.

The paint will be specific to the color, model, make and year of your vehicle. This is why you need to confirm the code on your vehicle.

Ford vehicles have a label affixed to the inside on the driver's door.

On the label is a two digit code. The code can be letters or numbers. It will be next to the words "Exterior Paint" or "Ext Pnt" or something similar.

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showing what you are looking for on the door. Samples are shown so you can see where the label is located and where the paint code is found on the label.

Can I Buy Local Store Paint?

No. There are a couple reasons why. First, old paint is bad paint. You do not want to be putting paint on your car that has been sitting on a shelf, or supply room, for a long time.

Second, you want OEM Ford paint with a color match guarantee. Otherwise, putting on mismatched paint may make your vehicle look worse than it currently does.

There are only a couple OEM manufacturers of auto paint. They have state of the art machinery used to precisely create the correct color of paint for your Ford.

The Ford touch up paint manufacturer we recommend is AutomotiveTouchup by MicroFinish. The company has a color match guarantee to match the original color of your Ford. The look and quality of paint if excellent and at the same time very affordable.

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Video Tips

Small chips and scratches can be quickly fixed with a paint pen. Paint pens are better suited than aerosol paint to fixing small areas.

Mask off the section of your vehicle so you only apply touchup paint to the section needing repaired. By making use of a blending technique you can make your touch up work less obvious.

More Painting Tips

The larger and/or deeper the scratch or area to be repaired, the more product will be required. Not just quantity of paint, but additional products to help ensure. Here are common products used for Ford touch up paint repairs:
- Sandpaper is used to remove any rust that has appeared in the area, or other surface damage to the vehicle. You want the area to be painted to be clean and smooth. Aside from general cleaning, using sandpaper is often the best method for preparing the metal for painting. For general cleaning make sure the area is clear of dirt, oil, and grease.

- Primer is used to help fill in any small scratches caused by sandpaper. As with other paint, primer helps your basecoat, or paint, better adhere to the metal. Primer is applied directly to the metal and several coats of primer are often used.

- Basecoat. This is your vehicle paint and what one normally thinks of when ordering paint. If you want 'red paint' and someone mentions 'red paint basecoat' - you are talking about the same paint. Basecoat is used over the primer. Nothing else should be used between the primer and basecoat. Again, several layers of paint should often be used.

- Clearcoat is the last step after the basecoat has dried. These layers will give your paint the gloss that matches the original, surrounding paint color. Several layers of clearcoat should be applied.

Types of Paint Products

The type of Ford touch up paint you purchase depends on the size of area that needs retouching.

For large areas get can(s) of paint. If you use a paint gun this is the type of paint you will need.

Then there is spray paint. These are aerosol can that spray paint onto a surface. Due to the nature of aerosol you will want to mask off and cover areas you do not want to paint.

Finally, for small areas there are paint pens. You should always have a paint pen on hand. Not only for small chips and scratches that commonly appear from normal vehicle use, but also to ensure small area and edges are properly painted. These are areas that paint guns, spay paint, or brushes may miss.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy

Paint is a toxic substance. Read the instructions for using and storing your paint. Some general guidelines you will want to follow:
- Store your paint in a ventilated room to prevent fumes from dangerously accumulating. Paint fumes are flammable and invisible.

- Be in a ventilated area when using the paint. If you are in your garage, make sure your garage door or side door is open.

- If you start getting dizzy, have irritated eyes, or headaches - STOP. If needed call 911. Get yourself into a ventilated area, such as the outdoors. When your condition has returned to normal go back to painting, but first adjust the working area so you have more ventilation. If it is cold this means more than heaters, blowers, or fans. You need inside to outside air flow so you are not breathing paint fumes.

- Paint and paint fumes should not be injested or breathed. If you get paint on your skin immediately clean it off.

- Paint should not be used by persons with respiratory health problems. Paint should not be handled if you are pregnant.

- If you regularly use paint, or it is your business, consider a respirator or similar product that will help you avoid breathing paint fumes.
- Due to federal transporation safety regulations, paint should only be shipped via ground delivery.

- Discard unused paint per local disposal requirements.

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